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Angelina loved the ditsy blonde nurse in receiving or kitten orsm - suck their way to please their bosses. She was half naked in the bathroom forever women Angelica game surprisingly shy and pure, if you gave before the balls of fat, suddenly in the wrong bathroom by accident or Ms Cunninglingus to pee as seen Angelina Catwalk shape of the toilet to move your hips. ' Oh, sorry, I hoped, Reg management of the company. I said it was a quickie, if you let me go home early for a few days. I do not think he is. Mrs. within the vagina to his boss had tied upor have something. ' She laughed when I went to the bathroom to urinate into a genuine need. offered to ' do me ' instead, because he risked Reg. 'You're always so clean and correct. ' He did a shit -free language, although I'm not in the position in the organization, encourage it. But tongue fuck did nothing for me. I was breathing a little harder to doIng an orgasm, thanked him, wiped the saliva from my pussy and went back into the monotony of my job as dry between my thighs, as if to urinate. 'I have to endure not only with fat fat balls in the office I felt at every opportunity, but now boots Angelina promotional gifts. ' I lose my hair, said Reg office while was still 'in conference' to Mrs. Cunninglingus, told him to fuck her in the foot itself, which seemed to enjoy it with your left hand just then, and left the office just to a travel agent and book orsm a Caribbean cruise . The moment I stepped into the boat, I knew this trip was everything I dreamed and had fantasized during all the years of hard work as an accountant in the dingy office. Now the mind, I am a 40 - year-old mothers, orsm for many years unfucked, but still not bad shape and the shape of a good lickin ' and fucking fun. The ship was not yet the sail out of port, but the passengers were already soaking orp with orsm the joy of dancing in front of rum and tropical juices, cocktails, tall, wild in the rhythm of a steel band. Slips, daring bikinis, Wraparound waist: The younger audience and put on the screen of its assets in small envelopes contained little of many species. And as a good businessman who was through contact and evaluation of the good free sample for everyone to enjoy. There were more than a few men and women say, the one with my wet pussy, as would the facilities surveyed. However, a stunning girl with breasts like ripe pears break-up wonderfully bikini top caught my attention. It had long thin legs, culminating in a pair of round and firm buttocks overflow of bikini bottom. The fleshy lips and his mouth seemed endless delights around a cock ready to be eaten alive full of promise. I wanted to run my fingers through his black hair long and lush. You must have noticed my anxiety orsm because I felt a smile sinfully suggestive. butn finds nothing. lost sight of the passengers. Probably had a friend anyway with a nine inch penis man apart from her delicate mouth clean shaved pussy, and was probably always invite your call list. When the ship arrived in the Caribbean, anchored in a small uninhabited island unknown. He announced on board ships sailing in for a day of swimming and diving from a barbecue and dance followed the coast, and anything else that night. It was ' what else ' I had expected. I must admit I have not yet reached a stroll around the deck as the ship plowed its way south. I have many friends, some promising, but no takers, not yet. snorkeling was great. The water was crystal clear turquoise waters. Among the plants and fish orsm roamed freely waving coral. Then, suddenly, magically appeared from behind a rock, the girl saw the first day I had. I gasped when I realizedhovering just above me. She was completely naked. Luscious black pubic hair trimmed her pussy. Then the vision disappeared. I searched desperately for her that night at the party. When we met I blushed every shade of red to betray my feelings. I said, embarrassed orsm Hello. When I returned I went to the buffet I found in my cabin key napkin with a note written on a paper napkin with the words: ' if orsm you dare, come into my booth tonight when tied in red ribbon on the handle. If do not come, then it orsm is too late. PS bother to wear something under his coat, ' The red ribbon was gone. But I am anyway. I crawled around the room in silence with the sound of the breath and the soft sounds of pleasure grew louder as I approached the bed. When you get to the surprise of his life he knew. The groans of my siren belonged. shock and surprise that I speak. I could see enough to know about Stacey, who was not naked, but I could say was ' t muchunderwear that orsm voted 'd. Sweet Jesus ! It looked like a gothic medieval version of an angel in all that black. I slid my hand between my thighs and found my pussy dripping. Jackson told his friend a little too quiet to identify me. But I suspect it is a warning, as Jackson began to push hard and fast, damn Stacey ' s mouth. I waited until they were done, until Jackson touched the wadding, orsm Stacey throat until she leaned back on his heels to face him. My own pussy throbbed in pain jealous. ' Oh, God. 'Stacey opened her mouth and fell on his butt. The measure was supposed to be funny, and it certainly has a hell of naked children - thanks, crotchless panties - when your legs on the road. his eyes danced frantically Jackson orsm to me, back and forth, back and forth. hell, I was jealous as hell that Jackson even play half of my fantasies with this amazing woman who could not 't out orsm of my head since orsm I came on board. my clitoris is pTrip because Jackson received his first blowjob. I felt this urge crazy laughter. Stacey looked at me through long lashes. 'Wipe that smile off your face, bitch. They are not able to smile through it all now, fun girl. 'N What the hell, I thought, bureaucracy, or did not know that they come anyway. Was a weak contraction to pull the corners of the mouth look like? I looked more closely. Yes Yes, definitely it was a smile of his own livelihood. I looked at Jackson and, well, what do you know, his throbbing cock fully maintained, her bare arms as the muscles rippling chest. How many women can claim possession of a pair of super sexy, even for a short period of time ? I started my adventure with little Stacey, and used it my fantasies of orsm the past few days on board to escape the horrors that happen in my life. Why could not 't I, now the fun with Jackson and Stacey? I' d always been dreaming of a pair of times. What women do not 't ? then wh and not turn this meeting into a fantasy orsm world the fulfillment of my account? ' orsm strip and maintain it,' Stacey ordered. Jackson close enough that if my bathrobe on the ground slid his throbbing cock stroked my bare pussy. Oh, he was so ready for this shit I cock deep and hard. Jackson moved behind me. I could feel his cock between furrows my ass, while I held her. Stacey dragged me four then gathered the hair with a hair suggest that hit like a whip on my bare thigh. The joy I experienced pain made ​​me mourn a stop to pray, they will continue more difficult. that was allowed to walk on all fours. Jackson put his big cock still wet pussy juice Stacey and his own deep in my mouth. Meanwhile, Stacy. He runs after me and my pussy had started with a strap on dildo to fuck her was crotchless panties. she and Jackson exchanged their positions. I became my own juice to suck her dildo, while Jackson gave me the feeling of completeLength of his cock orsm into my pussy. Meanwhile, my lips were tightly wrapped around his cock. I felt as if he came inside me full of his hot juice began to flow soon, my thigh. Stacey and I am now. I was so ready for another orgasm, this time with a woman. Stacey dekicately circle my nipples hard and then a gentle touch of her hand on my chest, and bent to touch the most. We stood naked facing each other. Closer, until I felt her hard nipples against my pubic hair brush and brush filled my shaved pussy. I was wild, close to ecstasy. Comfortable soixante neuf position of my tongue now apart Stacey pussy that smelled so delicious as proven by N. Meanwhile, Stacey entered my pussy juices still dripping from orsm Jackson. And then both Stacey and I moaned in despair, because we have an incredible orgasm. We have expanded infinitely enraged by the language continued to fuck each other. the week passed quickly. I'm back in the dingy office. But with a lot of memories that brought me and my wet dream.
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